Niall Horan laughs alone whilst holding some plain coloured tshrits.


Niall Horan has an existential crisis and ponders the meaning of life, the universe, and everything, after picking up and adding a grey coloured tshirt.


Niall Horan forgets his troubles and continues to enjoy life after removing the troublesome grey tshirt from his purchases.



One direction heights: 

harry: 5’11 

liam: thumb

zayn: god level 

louis: easily 2’3

niall: results vary

i took a really good selfie and now i don’t want to post it on instagram bc i don’t look that good irl


if one direction did a kissing booth for charity we could end world hunger


*sees a cat*

me: holy shit

what happened with zayyyn?


Where are you most likely to find people of a sign? Like who would be at a park, beach, arcade, whatever.


Aries- anywhere but their house

Taurus- IKEA

Gemini- the mall

Cancer- home

Leo- the beach

Virgo- the post office

Libra- a cafe

Scorpio- online

Sagittarius- in an abandoned building

Capricorn- at a table in a quiet spot

Aquarius- in their car

Pisces- under a staircase

louiswstyles replied to your post: my hair is so damaged and it’s falling…

the best thing you could do is cut your hair off so your hair is able to grow out healthily

yea i shouold do that but i’m just too scared to cut it idk isuck 

my hair is so damaged and it’s falling off and i just want it to be healthy and long aand i”m scared