if one direction did a kissing booth for charity we could end world hunger


*sees a cat*

me: holy shit

what happened with zayyyn?


Where are you most likely to find people of a sign? Like who would be at a park, beach, arcade, whatever.


Aries- anywhere but their house

Taurus- IKEA

Gemini- the mall

Cancer- home

Leo- the beach

Virgo- the post office

Libra- a cafe

Scorpio- online

Sagittarius- in an abandoned building

Capricorn- at a table in a quiet spot

Aquarius- in their car

Pisces- under a staircase

louiswstyles replied to your post: my hair is so damaged and it’s falling…

the best thing you could do is cut your hair off so your hair is able to grow out healthily

yea i shouold do that but i’m just too scared to cut it idk isuck 

my hair is so damaged and it’s falling off and i just want it to be healthy and long aand i”m scared

Harry & Louis (plus Zayn) talking in Madrid 10/07

Deutschland ist Weltmeister!